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Watch a Bit of a Movie This Week-End?

January 11, 2008

If you are like me then you like movies. But to tell you the truth I can’t remember the last time I sat down in a movie theater and watched a movie…it must be at least 20 years! I used to go to the drive-ins a lot but haven’t done that in at least 15 years!

After the VCR came out that ended my movie going experience. I love sitting in the comfort of my own home, hitting the pause button when I want to get up and get some popcorn or go to the…? coming back, hitting the un-pause? button and going on with the movie as though time had stopped for those few minutes or even hours!

But not only do I have the pleasure of watching movies on my VCR and DVD but now I watch a lot of movies on my computer. Since I spend the biggest part of the day behind my lovely computer it’s easy!

When I get a bit bored or even just need a break for a little while I can open up a bit torrent and watch a movie, or half a movie, or a quarter of a movie and go back to it when I wish.

The greatest thing about these bit torrents is that the ones I get are free! I find myself watching the latest movies from my computer at no cost to me, only the download time, (and I do that while I am sleeping)!!

I simply go to peer to peer Websites, find the movie that I want and download it. Of course when I have a movie to share then I add it to the peer to peer group so that others can enjoy the movie that I have watched just as much as I did.

It’s an absolutely great way of sharing your favorite movies and of course getting back also. This week alone I was able to watch 4 great movies that I downloaded from the various peer to peer groups. Two of the movies relatively new, but ones that I had been wanting to see for a little while and two of them, new to Holland. In fact the 2 new ones just came out in the cinema around the New Year!

I have quite a few peer to peer Websites that I go to, a couple of them my favorites for various reasons. But recently I came across a new one that is in it’s Beta stage that seems to have great potential!

Why don’t you check it out and see if I’m not right and since the week-end is approaching why not download a movie and enjoy it in the comfort of your own computer chair…or better yet, hook your computer up to your TV and watch it on a larger screen??

You Torrent (BETA)

(Just a little hint…it does take quite a long time to download one of these movies and if you’re done with the movie I would suggest deleting it from your computer because they do take up quite a bit of space)!

Have a great week-end and, sit back, watch a movie, enjoy and…

Shhhhhhhh! Keep it under your hat and…Don’t Tell a Soul!

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