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Protect Yourself

November 30, 2007

If you’re going to protect yourself from the outside world locking your doors and windows can help but how about protecting yourself from identity theft when you are on your computer?

Most people surf the Internet without thinking about it and in fact for many it is a hobby. Unfortunately in doing that it is easy for someone to access your data or even introduce spyware into your computer.

So what’s a body to do? Well if you use Mozilla Firefox it has several security settings that you can adjust via the Preferences pane and there are also more than 150 privacy and security extensions that you can add as well.

Below are a few Firefox extensions to help keep your browsing private and secure.

  • NoScript, makes every site that uses JavaScript ask your permission before running it
  • FoxTor, provides a way to mask and unmask your browser on the fly
  • SafeHistory, allows you to hide your data without having to delete it
  • Gmail S/MIME, encrypts Gmail messages, including attachments, automatically, as long as you have the recipient’s digital certificate
  • Petname, save a reminder note about a relationship you have with a secure site
  • SecurePasswordGenerator, sits in your toolbar and helps you create unique passwords
  • FormFox, finds out where your information goes once you hit “send” on a form
  •, disposable or temporary email addressesM/li>
  • Page Title Eraser, lets you either blank out the title and icon in your browser’s tabs, or replace the text with something of your choice
  • TrackMeNot, sends mostly false information, which means your search activities remain hidden from view and search engines won’t glean any meaningful data from your visit

    Of course in order to use these Firefox extensions you will need to have the Firefox browser installed on your computer! This can be downloaded for Free here!

    Firefox 2

    Shhhhhhhh! Keep it under your hat and…don’t tell a soul!

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