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Vote for the Fate of Good Old #756!

September 21, 2007

Everyone has an opinion about Barry Bonds’ ball that broke Hank Aaron’s Home run Record.

Marc Eckō, who bought the ball for $752,467, has set up a Web site that lets visitors vote on three options for the ball: give it to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, brand it with an asterisk before sending it to Cooperstown or blast it into space on a rocket ship.

Eckō plans to announce what he will do with good old No. 756 after voting ends Sept. 25.

So why don’t you head over there today and give your opinion while you still have plenty of time!

Remember! as always…Your Vote Counts!

Barry Bonds, by the way. has said about Eckō: “He’s stupid. He’s an idiot”.

Eckō did not directly respond to Bonds’ comment, but he did say that he would make Bonds a custom T-shirt that says, “Marc Eckō paid $752,467 for my ball, and all I got was this ‘stupid’ T-shirt.”!!

And while your at it, why don’t you head over to Ben Pandos End the Debate site and vote there too?

Ben Pandos is the California entrepreneur who submitted the $186,750 winning bid on Bonds’ record-tying 755th home run ball, and not to be outdone by Eckō, Pandos is also having a public vote on what to do with That ball, Save It or Smash It?

I know how I voted…how ’bout you?

Shhhhhhhh! Keep it under your hat and…Don’t Tell a Soul!

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