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The Juice is Loose!!

September 20, 2007

OJ is walking around free today after paying $125,000.00 bail, and I thought he had no money since all of his was going to the Goldman and Brown families!

I must admit, I am surprised that he was allowed bail, well not so much surprised that he was Allowed bail, but that bail was so cheap! After all he is facing 11 very serious felony charges that carry very stiff sentences!

Upon paying his bail, he had to surrender his passport but is allowed to go back home to Florida and he is allowed the freedom of traveling elsewhere in the U.S.. I suppose he has to work to make money to pay his lawyers, but then again I thought that most of what he made he had to give to the Goldman’s and Brown’s!

I suppose he is allowed to keep the bare minimum of his earnings for necessities though, after all how could he ever afford those necessary Country Club and Golf fees if he weren’t allow to keep some amount of money. Unless of course he is drawing welfare from the state of Florida! If so, I must admit that I am impressed by the amount of welfare Florida’s recipients receive!

For his court appearance this time we did not see him sporting his lucky suit that he was wearing those many years ago when he was found “Not Guilty” for the 2 murders, (of course his lucky suit was one of the items he was attempting to “get back” when this whole fiasco started)!! But instead he was wearing a jailhouse blue jumpsuit and handcuffs. I did notice that he did not have the “smug mug” that he had when his mug shot was taken over the week-end! Well, you can “judge” for yourself!

No Smug Mug & Cut the Juice Loose…for now!

While he was in jail he may not have had access to a computer or YouTube so he may be happy to know that it seems as though he has one fan, John McQuilkin, and just like Britney’s one fan, Chris Crocker, John McQuilkin wants everybody to “Leave OJ Alone”!

Leave OJ Alone!

Every goofball out there is trying mimic Chris Crocker these days, although for the life of me I don’t know why! Maybe they are just jealous of the subscribers Chris Crocker has on YouTube!

Shhhhhhhh! Keep it under your hat and…Don’t Tell a Soul!

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