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The Whole Truth? Maybe Not!!

September 12, 2007

I came across a blog a while back and knew that on 9/12/07 I would do a post on it. if you haven’t seen it and checked it out then maybe today might be the day that you should.

Yesterday was the “anniversary” of 9/11…2001 as I am sure the majority of you know! I never for the life of me understand why, when there is a tragedy and the date rolls around 1, 2, 3, 10, 20, 50 or however many years later that it may be, that they call it an “anniversary”!

Most of us think an anniversary something to celebrate not to mourn. I must admit that I don’t have a better name for it either but anything, even something as lame as “Event Remembrance Day” seems to me to be better than a joyous “anniversary”!!

9/11 has affected everyone in the World in one way or another and many people think that the ‘TRUTH” is not being told about that horrible day only 6 short years ago, but there is a blog that has vowed to “be in a continual state of modification as more information is uncovered”.

It is a site of “pictures, video, and text pertaining to getting the truth out about September 11, 2001…”.

The site requests anyone that has information, pictures or videos to e-mail them to the organizers of the site so that they may examine everything that anyone has to offer.


Shhhhhhhh! Keep it under your hat and…Don’t Tell a Soul!

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